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Coaching Springboard and Platform Diving

Coaching diving is an exciting and rewarding endeavor. Find information here about how to form your own club team and become a certified coach. And if you are already coaching, find out about the job market and recent coaching changes or increase your knowledge of the profession with our resources to make you a better coach.

Coaching Tips
Here are several coaching tips that every coach can use to make their time with a diver more effective.

What Are Your Coaching Tips?
What are your special coaching tips and what you as coach do to become a better instructor and communicator?

Is That Dive Too Close
Safety is always a concern, but many times a dive that appears too close to the board is not always as bad as it seems.

Ideas to Improve Your Coaching and Program in 2010
Make 2011 a new and exciting year by improving your program and the way you train your divers. Here are some suggestions for new year!

Mentoring Program For Diving
USA Diving has a mentoring program for coaches, why not develop one for the divers as well?

Are You a Full-Time or Part-Time Diving Coach?
The majority of diving coaches in the U.S. are part-time; here are six reasons for an upgrade to full-time.

Coaches and Hand Spotting in Diving
Hand spotting in diving training is a technique that requires physical contact between a diver and a coach. Coaches need to make parents aware of what this training technique entails.

Six Tips to Consider When Training a Diver
Here are six tips that even the most experienced diving coach should consider during a training session or practice.

Goal Setting in Diving
Goal setting is an important aspect of achievement in the sport of diving. Setting goals helps the diver move from a beginner to advanced.

Coaching and Feedback
An important aspect of Coaching diving involves what types of feedback a diver should receive in order to improve their ability to dive, and ultimately, their performance.

Ten Diving Resolutions for 2010
Ten New Year’s resolutions that will improve your diving program in 2009.

Important Trampoline Rules to Follow
Trampolines are an important piece of equipment used in diver training, but make sure you follow these five important rules when using a tramp!

Lesson Programs Verses Elite Divers
Creating a successful diving team requires a coach to manage a large group of young athletes, and to have an eye for the big picture. Here are a few ideas that can help a coach better manage the varying degrees of talent within a diving team.

Things That Get Rewarded Get Done
Rewarding positive behavior in diving can lead to positive results.

Fundraising for Your Diving Program
If you are running a diving program, fundraising can be an important, but many times overlooked, aspect of a successful program.

How to Diagnose A Proper Rip Entry
Diving coaches should watch the bubbles on an entry to tell if a diver is properly executing a rip entry.

Keep Your Diving Team Successful
Tips and advice on how to run a successful diving program.

How to Run A Successful Diving Program
Build a successful diving program around these six fundamental practices and achieve the goal of producing successful divers in a safe and positive environment, while at the same time running a successful and growing business.

Steve Voellmecke
Steve Voellmecke began coaching diving in 1984. Although he has coached both national and state champions and served as both judge and referee at state, national and international diving competitions, his first love is teaching diving to beginner divers.

Diving Teams - Success Strategies
The formation of a club team offers a diving coach both additional tools to assist in the development of successful divers, but also a solid foundation on which a successful business can be built.

United States Professional Diving Coaches Association
A resource for springboard and platform diving coaches of all levels containing educational articles, news and information concerning the sport of diving. Members have access to the world's largest library of diving videos.

Seven Ways to Stir the Coals
Coaching strategies to keep the fire burning for the decade it takes to build a champion.

Challenging Faulty Belief Systems
Helping the blocked diver change their belief system.

The Transition of the Diver From High School to College
Young divers need to recognize and better understand the transition that takes place when moving from high school to college.

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