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2012 London Olympic Games

Sascha Klein of Germany

Four medals! Unbelievable, especially since the U.S. had not won a medal since 2000, capped off by a winning performance by David Boudia in the men's platform. Read all about the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Diving Spotlight10

The Year in Diving

What happened in on the springboard and platform in 2012? Here are a few of the highlights from the world of diving!

Concussions in Diving

While concussions do not occur that often in diving, it is important to understand the signs and symptoms of a concussion, and what to do if you suspect that a diver has sustained one.

Fail Dive

What is a fail dive in the sport of springboard and platform diving?

Why Would A Diver Get A Fail Dive?

When a diver receives a fail dive during a competition, they earn zero points. But why might a diver get a zero?

Double Bounce

Definition of a double bounce in the sport of competitive springboard diving.


Definition of a square-out in the sport of competitive springboard and platform diving.

Winterize Your Diving Equipment

If you have diving equipment and it is not used in the winter, don't make the mistake of leaving it to the harsh winter elements.

Coaching Tips

Here are several coaching tips that every coach can use to make their time with a diver more effective.

Duraflex and Durafirm Equipment Broken Down

A Duraflex diving board and Durafirm diving stand are the only choice for competitive springboard diving equipment.

The Amateur Athletic Union and USA Diving

The AAU and USA Diving coexist as two governing bodies in the sport of competitive springboard and platform diving.

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