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Training for Springboard and Platform Diving

Learning to become a diver takes much more than practicing dives every day. Today’s diver must understand a variety of training aspects such as stretching, weight training, sports psychology, injury prevention, dryland training, and skill progression. So what are you waiting for, dive right in and learn how competitive divers train their mind and body for optimal performance.

Ten Reasons For Dryland Training
Ten Reasons why dryland training should be used by every diver, regardless of whether they have an enormous facility or a room with a couple of mats.

Create a Routine For Diving Practice & Competition
Creating a routine in diving can help eliminate inside and outside influences and develop consistency at both practice and in competition.

Mentoring Program For Diving
USA Diving has a mentoring program for coaches, why not develop one for the divers as well?

Why Use Line-Ups in Training?
The last thing a judge sees is a diver's entry into the water. So do you want to leave a good last impression? Practicing line-ups is one way to do just that.

Dryland Diver Training

Dryland diving is important. But do you know Why it is Important, What to Use, and current Tips and Techniques?

Training Inside and Out
Diving meets are held at both indoor and outdoor facilities, and they each offer different challenges. To better prepare for these different competition sites, make a point of training at both.

Train Everyday Like it is a Meet
A key to success in diving is to train with the same intensity that you would use during a competition.

Point Your Toes
Pointing your toes in diving is a critical element in the overall impression of the dive.

Six Reasons Why a Diver Should Learn Ballet
The characteristics of a good ballet dancer in many ways, mirror all the same attributes that a diver needs to be successful. Here are six of those important traits.

Ballet Training in Diving
Ballet and dance training can help develop important attributes needed to be successful in diving, such as timing, balance, form and flexibility.

Periodization Training in Diving
Periodization is a training technique that allows a diver to follow an organized plan to achieve maximum results in competition.

Eight Reasons to Use Skill Progressions in Diving
Learning and practicing dives should be based on fundamental building blocks or skills, learned in a series of progressions. Here are eight reasons why.

Diving Tips and Insights
Here are a collection of tips and insights to help every diver improve their skills, and their ability to compete.

Six Important Pieces of Dryland Equipment
There is much more to training a diver than asking them to repeat a dive multiple times and hope it gets better. Modern training methods involve using equipment other than the diving board and water. These six types of training equipment can help a diving program and coach expand and enhance the ability to develop successful divers.

Six Reasons Why A Diver Should Stretch
Stretching is an important element of any divers’ training. Stretching before a workout or competition will help in injury prevention and assist in warm-up. Stretching after a workout or competition can help to increase flexibility and prevent injuries.

Balking - It's A Bad Practice
If a diver balks in practice, chances are that it will effect their ability to compete well in a diving meet.

Advantages of Dryland Training in Springboard and Platform Diving
Dryland training is diving is a vital ingredient for success in springboard and platform diving today and the use of a trampoline or dryland diving board allows the diver to practice a dive in a safe and efficient manner.

Fear is an Important Aspect of Platform Diving
Fear is an important aspect of platform diving. As a diver stands 33 feet above the water, the fear of smacking on the water must be managed in order to be successful.

Swim Down Drill for Diving
Descriptions and images of a drill that will help a diver swim on the end of a forward head first entry.

Springboard and Platform Diving Camps
Diving camp resources from USA Diving.

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