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The Year in Diving

What Happened in 2012


Dominating the news in 2012 was the obvious success of the U.S. team at the London Olympics. But there were other events, successes and news - some good, and some not so good.

2012 London Olympics

Gold medallist David Boudia of the United States
Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images
The last U.S. diver to win an Olympic medal was Laura Wilkinson in 2000. That was 12 years ago and to say that the pressure was on for this team was, well, a bit of an understatement. But the 2012 Olympic team delivered in a big way with 4 four medals (actually 7!), and that included a dramatic win by David Boudia in the final diving event of the Games. You could not have scripted it any better!

Gracia Leydon-Mahoney and Junior Worlds

U.S. Diver Gracia Leydon-Mahoney
Photo: Woody Franklin
The 2012 Junior World Championships saw the emergence of a new star in the world of women’s diving in Gracia Leydon-Mahoney. She was definitely the shining star for the U.S. in Adelaide, Australia, as she continued a trend of world championships for the U.S. The newly crowned world champion on 3-meter not only won her first junior world championships medal, she also won her first senior national title at the AT&T National Diving Championships, also on 3-meter.

The Passing of Mark Lenzi

Mark Lenzi of the USA competes in Barcelona in 1992.
Photo: Getty Images
The diving world lost one its most polarizing, and successful divers as Mark Lenzi passed away at the age of 43. Lenzi was a two-time Olympian, and a two-time medalist. He captured gold on springboard at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, and then a bronze four years later in Atlanta. The former wrestler turned diver was a protege of Hobie Billingsley and an NCAA champion at Indiana.

USA Diving Rings of Honor

Hobie Billingsley and Sammy Lee
Photo: Steve Voellmecke
Diving seems to be always "included" with other aquatic sports, and has never really stood out on its own, especially in the realm of recognition. That is until now. In 2012 USA Diving created an new honor society, known as the USA Diving Rings of Honor. This new entity according to USA Diving, strives "to celebrate our stellar history and honor those who have achieved excellence and contributed to the success and notoriety of the sport of diving." The inaugural inductees included Sammy Lee, Greg Louganis, Pat McCormick, Hobie Billingsley, Lyle Draves and Jan Rude.

2012 Interesting Developments

Troy Dumais and Kristian Ipsen of the USA
Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images

Most of the diving news in 2012 was dominated by the Olympic Games, but there were a few other interesting developments.

2012 College Diving

Chen Ni
Photo: IUPUI Athletics

Six different divers won NCAA titles in 2012, quite a difference from the recent past, where the likes of David Boudia, Chris Colwill and Kelci Bryant were dominant figures. There were a repeat winners though, as Drew Livingston and Chen Ni each won the second NCAA title of their career.

2012 High School Diving

Photo: NISCA

Two national high school champions were crowned in 2012, but they weren't new! Both were repeats - one from 2011 and one from 2010.

2012 Events, Results and Photos

Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

The Olympics was not the only event that took place during 2012!

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