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High School Diving's Super Five

Who Are The Best High School Divers in the Nation in 2010


Kassidy Cook and Kristian Ipsen

Kassidy Cook and Kristian Ipsen - National High School Diving Champions

Photo - Laura Cook

The Super Five for 2009-10 is here!

The Super Five represents those divers who put up the best diving performances in high school competition as judged by the National Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association (NISCA) Diving All American Selection Committee.

Each of these ten divers has also been named a High School All American, and they represent the cream of the crop for 2009-10. The full list of All Americans can be found on the NISCA Website.

Do these top five girls and boys represent the best five high schools divers in the nation? Maybe yes and maybe no. The results are based on the subjective scoring of footage from their state meet, regional, sectional, etc. - not head-to-head competition. If these divers competed against each other in a larger meet, the results might be different, and then again, they might be the same.

Why they vary, or change from year to year, is do to a number of factors such as how competitive their individual meets were, where they competed, and without a doubt, the quality of the DVD that they submitted.

Diving's Super Five

This idea for the Super Five came about as a result of a similar selection of top basketball players. And since divers need, and should receive more publicity than they currently get, the idea of the Super Five was born. If you would like more info on the background of the Super Five, read about the selection from 2009.

The Selection Process

All divers submitting applications for high school All American are judged by an independent panel of diving coaches just as they would be scored in any diving meet, except that it is in front of a television instead of on the pool deck.

From these scores the top 130 boys and 130 girls are named All American. The top-ten or so divers are scored again producing a mythical high school champion, and a ranking from which the top-five drawn.

The List

The Super Five list contains some names from last year, and a few newcomers such as this year’s national champion for the girl’s – freshman Kassidy Cook.

And yes, a few divers from last year dropped off the list. This does not mean that they are less deserving, but just that the particular performance from their competition did not rank in the top-five.

Girls Super Five

  • Kassidy Cook - Freshman (Woodlands High School/Woodlands, Texas)**
  • Cheyenne Cousineau – Senior (Bedford High School/Temperance, Michigan)
  • Margaret Keefer – Stillwater High School/Stillwater, Minnesota)
  • Amanda Largent - Junior (Woodlands High School/Woodlands, Texas)
  • Cherie Hammond – Junior (West Orange high school/Wintergarden, Florida)

Boys Super Five

  • Bradley Christensen – Freshman (Argyle Liberty School/Argyle, Texas)
  • Ryan Hawkins - Senior (East Gaston High School/Mount Holly, N.C.)
  • Kristian Ipsen - Junior (De La Salle High School/Clayton, Calif.)**
  • Connor Kuremsky - Junior (North Allegheny High School/Wexford, Pa.)
  • Dhruv Tyagi – Senior (Fairport High School/Fairport, N.Y.)

**High School National Champion

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