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Springboard and Platform Diving News, Schedules and Results

Are you looking for results from a recent competition? Maybe you’re interested in who the high school champion is in your state, or which synchro team is poised to earn a spot on the Olympic team. Find the news, schedules and results you need here.
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The Year in Diving - 2012
2012 was dominated by the London Olympics as the U.S. broke a its Olympic drought in a big way. But there were other events and stories that occurred this past year.

The Year in Diving - 2010
What happened in 2010? Here are the important news and events from the world of diving!

Voice Your Opinion
Voice your opinion or tell your story about these diving topics. Everybody has a story and yours needs to be heard!

The Twelve Days of Christmas for Divers
You know the carol, "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Now here is the diving version that you can sing every holiday season.

Athletic Spending Threatening Collegiate Sports
College and University presidents agree that athletic spending is out of control. How does that effect swimming and diving?

Mike Lyden Passes Away at the Age of 51
Acclaimed diving coach Mike Lyden passes away after a 2 1/2 year battle with cancer.

More Opportunities for Junior Divers
USA Diving has restructured the summer junior diving program in an effort to allow more divers to compete throughout the summer. This move comes as a response to feedback gathered from Town Hall meetings and member surveys in which the diving membership felt that USA Diving was focused too much toward the elite diving programs.

The Year in Diving - 2011
2011 was an important year. Probably not as important as 2012, but what happened in 2011 will have a direct impact on the Olympic year and the London Games.

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