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Where Are Your Favorite Divers Now?


Once the Olympic flame is extinguished and a diver retires from competition, they have to occupy their time somehow. Find out what these Olympians have been up to since their diving days ended.

  • Mark Bradshaw: Mark Bradshaw and Olympic teammate Patrick Jeffrey won NCAA diving titles for what college?
  • Mary Ellen Clark: Mary Ellen Clark loves the Northeast, and was named 2008 NCAA Diving Coach of the Year for what college?
  • Scott Donie: In addition to his Olympic experiences (and medal), he was also an NCAA champion at SMU and is currently a coach at ...
  • Patrick Jeffrey: NCAA Diver of the Year Patrick Jeffrey won all three NCAA diving titles the same year he qualified for his first Olympic team.
  • Jenny Keim: Before making two Olympic teams, Jenny was a featured diver in what video?
  • Micki King: She may be retired, but 1972 Olympic gold medalist Micki King is still involved in the sport of diving.
  • Sammy Lee: Sammy Lee coached two Olympic medalists, do you know who they are?
  • Mark Lenzi: Mark's path to the Olympics started out differently than most divers. Find out why!
  • Tom Gompf: A bronze medalist on platform in 1964, Tom is also known for helping to get synchronized diving accepted as an Olympic event!
  • Kelly McCormick: Kelly is the last American woman to win an Olympic medal on springboard, a bronze in 1988. But she has two medals ... what color is the other?
  • Michele Mitchell: A two-time Olympian, she has something in common with Scott Donie other than they both won an Olympic medal.
  • Cynthia Potter: She qualified to compete at four Olympic Games, and has more national titles than any other female diver in history. Cynthia also won an Olympic medal in Montreal.
  • Ellen Owen: After graduating from the University of Alabama, this Olympian came out of retirement to win a national championship and make the 1992 Olympic Team.
  • Chris Seufert: Chris will be making her second Olympic appearance in London in 2012. The first time she earned a bronze, this time though, she will be a part of the process to determine who wins a bronze.
  • Matt Scoggin: Hook 'em Horns has a special meaning for this Olympian, and also for a few of his divers that are poised to make a run at the 2012 Olympics.
  • Laura Wilkinson: Even after having a baby in 2011, Laura qualified for the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Diving, but no more platform for her. She could conceivably make her fourth Olympic Team on springboard!
  • Wendy Lian Williams: Wendy Williams finished third behind what U.S. diver in Seoul?

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