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Diving and the Olympic Games

The highest achievement for any diver is an Olympic gold medal. Over forty American divers have stood atop the gold medal podium since diving became an Olympic sport in 1904. How did they get to the most celebrated sporting event in the world and who to look for in 2012? Find out here at the About Diving Guide!
  1. Beijing Olympic Diving (27)
  2. London Olympic Diving (33)
  3. Olympic Divers (40)
  4. Olympic Diving Medalists (16)
  5. Olympic Photo Galleries (35)
  6. Olympic Trials Info and Bios (65)

What is Olympic Diving
What is Olympic diving? Find information on the competition, events, rules, and road to become an Olympic champion.

Olympic Diving Rules, Requirements and Judging
Review many of the more important rules that will govern the diving competition in The Olympics. These rules are dictated by FINA, the international governing body for the aquatics.

Your Road to the Olympic Team - How to Become an Olympic Diver
Find information on the steps needed to become an Olympic diver.

Learn to Dive: Lessons for the Beginner to Elite
View these Step-by-step diving turtorials on the way to becoming an Olympic champion.

Where Are Your Favorite Divers Now?
What have your favorite Olympic divers have been doing since retiring from competition?

Olympic Diving Controversies
From judging bias to Greg Louganis, controversies are a part of any sporting event and diving and the Olympics Games are no exception.

Greatest Moments in Olympic Diving
The biggest stage in the world seems to bring out outstanding performances, and there is no bigger stage than the Olympic Games. Here are some of the biggest upsets, greatest finishes and dominant performances from the past 100 years of Olympic diving.

History of Diving and the Olympics
A brief history of diving in the Olympics from 1904 to the present.

Youth Olympic Games to Take Place in 2010
The first Youth Olympic Games will take place in Singapore in 2010. The YOG is a multi-sport competition for athletes from 14-18 that will mirror the current Olympic Games.

Diving and the Olympic Games - A Perfect Match
With a combination of grace and athleticism, diving has earned a place as one of the marquee events in the Summer Olympic games.

The Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
News and information from the official website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

BYU Diving Coach Keith Russell to be Olympic Judge in Beijing
Brigham Young University Diving Coach Keith Russell has been named as a judge for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Russell will leave for China this August as the only diving judge to represent the United States. Russell was a member of the 1968 Olympic Team where he finished fourth on platform.

U.S. Olympic Diving Team Roster
A complete listing of U.S. Olympic Team members.

1936 Olympic Diving Video
Diving video footage from the 1936 Olympic Games held in Berlin, Germany.

International Olympic Committee
The official website of the Olympic Movement.

United States Olympic Committee
The mission of the USOC is to support United States Olympic and Paralympic athletes in achieving sustained competitive excellence and preserve the Olympic ideals, and thereby inspire all Americans. View the official website.

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