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Women's Olympic Platform Competition


The first women's diving event added to the Olympic program in 1912, platform diving is an exciting and awe inspiring event. The Chinese will be among the favorites for 2008, but the past two gold medals have been won by Laura Wilkinson (USA) and Chantelle Newberry (AUS).
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Fu Mingxia of China competes in Barcelona in 1992.Fu MingxiaLaura Wilkinson of the USA competes in Athens in 2004.Laura WilkinsonTakiri Miyazaki of Japan competes in Athens in 2004.Takiri MiyazakiMichele Mitchell of the U.S. competes in Seoul in 1988.Michele Mitchell
Sara Hildebrand of the U.S. competes in Athens in 2004.Sara HildebrandLoudy Tourky of Australia competes in Athens in 2004.Loudy TourkyHaley Allen prepares for a dive in Atlanta in 1996.Haley AllenChantelle Newbery competes in the 10-meter platform in Athens in 2004.Chantelle Newberry
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