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2009 NCAA Division I Zone Diving Results

Who Qualified for the NCAA's


NCAA Zone Diving Championships are the second step in the process toward a spot at the NCAA Division I Swimming and Diving Championships. Through their efforts at the zone meets, each of these divers has earned the right to compete at the championships in each of the three diving events - one-meter springboard, three-meter springboard, and platform, provided that they competed in that event at the zone championships.

NCAA Zone A Diving Qualifiers

University of Buffalo, Buffalo, N.Y.
March 13-15, 2009
Qualification Spots Available: 5 Men / 4 Women


  1. Jonathan Galinski (Navy)
  2. Alex Voloetski (Pittsburgh)
  3. Andre Watson (Boston University)
  4. Jason Cook (Massachusetts)
  5. Michael McDowell (Buffalo)


  1. Meili Carpenter (Buffalo)
  2. Katie Hynes (Drexel)
  3. Amanda Burke (Rider)
  4. Kathrine Giarra (Princeton)

NCAA Zone B Diving Qualifiers

University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenn.
March 13-15, 2009
Qualification Spots Available: 10 Men / 11 Women


  1. Niko Dalman (Louisiana State)
  2. Aaron Fleshner (Alabama)
  3. Daniel Frebel (Florida State)
  4. Ryan Helms (Tennessee)
  5. Terry Horner (Florida State)
  6. Kelly Marx (Auburn)
  7. Daniel Mazzaferro (Auburn)
  8. Mikey McDonald (Virginia Tech)
  9. Reuben Ross (Miami)
  10. Brent Sterling (Tennessee)


  1. Kristen Davies (North Carolina State)
  2. Monica Dodson (Florida)
  3. Carrie Dragland (Alabama)
  4. Jenna Dreyer (Miami)
  5. Abby Johnston (Duke)
  6. Jessica Lyden (Duke)
  7. Hannah Moore (Georgia)
  8. Kara Salamone (Florida)
  9. Gabrielle Trudeau (Tennessee)
  10. Brittany Viola (Miami)
  11. Taryn Zack (South Carolina)

NCAA Zone C Diving Qualifiers

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn.
March 13-15, 2008
Qualification Spots Available: 8 Men / 10 Women


  1. Linus Altman-Kurosaki (Indiana)
  2. David Boudia (Purdue)
  3. David Colturi (Purdue)
  4. Ryan Jefferson (Ohio State)
  5. Landon Marzzulo (Indiana)
  6. Kyle Mitrione (Purdue)
  7. Sean Moore (Ohio State)
  8. Burkley Showe (Ohio State)


  1. Gabby Agostino (Indiana)
  2. Kristen Asman (Ohio State)
  3. Katie Bell (Ohio State)
  4. Brittany Fedlman (Indiana)
  5. Ashley Karnes (Purdue)
  6. Christina Loukas (Indiana)
  7. Casey Matthews Purdue)
  8. Chen Ni (IUPUI)
  9. Natalie Stitt (Notre Dame)
  10. Emily Wetzel (Purdue)

Zone D Diving Qualifiers

University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo.
March 13-15, 2009
Qualification Spots Available: 5 Men / 10 Women


  1. Drew Livingston (Texas)
  2. Grant Nel (Texas A&M)
  3. Cam Mclean (Texas A&M)
  4. Eric Sehn (Texas A&M)
  5. Jonathan Wilcox (Texas)


  1. Shelby Cullinan(Texas)
  2. Audra Egenolf (SouthernMethodist)
  3. Courtney Forcucci (Houston)
  4. Kathryn Kelly (Texas)
  5. Jessica Livingston (Texas)
  6. Kendra Melnychuk (Missouri)
  7. Erin Mertz (Kansas)
  8. Jaele Patrick (Texas A&M)
  9. Anastasia Pozdniakova (Houston)
  10. Britney Yancey (Southern Methodist)

Zone E Diving Qualifiers

University of Texas, Austin, Texas
March 12-14, 2009
Qualification Spots Available: 6 Men / 7 Women


  1. Michele Bendetti (Arizona State)
  2. Dwight Dumais (Stanford)
  3. Brent Eichenseer (Stanford)
  4. Ben Grado (Arizona)
  5. Harrison Jones (USC)
  6. Steven Starks (USC)
  7. Brent Eichenseer (Stanford)


  1. Emma Friesen (Hawaii)
  2. Tory Ishimatsu (USC)
  3. Meg Hostage (Stanford)
  4. Candice Minette (Nevada)
  5. Marisa Samaniego (UCLA)
  6. Tess Schofield (UCLA)
  7. Carmen Stellar (Stanford)

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