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Diving Meets & Competitions

At the heart of every diver is the desire to compete and depending on your skill level and aspirations, we have information on diving meets from summer league to national and international competitions. And if you want to host your own meet, the About Diving Guide features information on organizing, judging, and scoring all types of contests.
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The Amateur Athletic Union and USA Diving
The AAU and USA Diving coexist as two governing bodies in the sport of competitive springboard and platform diving.

USA Diving vs AAU - Should They Compete
Do you think it's healthy for the AAU and USA Diving to compete for divers in the U.S.?

Masters Diving
Masters diving offers opportunities for divers to compete in the sport following a career in high school or college athletics, or simply for the love of the sport.

Too Much Time on the Board
Should spending too much time on the board before a dive in a meet be a penalty or not?

How to Earn Extra Points in a Diving Meet
Diving meets are often decided by less than a point. Here are a few tips to squeeze an extra 1/2 point from the judges.

What is Your Potential as a Diver?
Comparing scores in diving can help a competitor track progress from meet to meet.

2009 Red Bull Cliff Diving Series
The 2009 Red Bull Cliff Diving Series pits the world best cliff and high divers against each other in an eight event series that culminates in Athens, Greece.

Why Did My Diving All-American Application Get Rejected
Common errors are the biggest reason why applications for High School Diving All-American get rejected.

Diving Video - Best Practices
Use these practices and guidelines to create a diving video a DVD for submission to a college coach or for High School All American.

Choosing High School All Americans in Diving
Filming and editing a high school diving performance can have a direct effect upon a diver’s selection as a High School All American.

High School Diving and Round One
Success in high school diving has as much to do with knowing how a meet will be judged as the diving itself, especially in the first round of dives.

How to Structure Your Diving List in Competition
Knowing the order in which to list your dives for competition is as easy as paying attention to your personality and how you are training.

Tuck, Pike or Layout?
Many beginners, or divers that lack experience, often ponder the question of what position to put a dive in when competing in a meet - tuck, pike or layout.

What Dives to Use When Competing
Learning new dives is an important aspect of diving, and learning when to use those new dives in competition is equally important.

USA Diving Score Sheets
Download USA Diving official diving forms in Adobe PDF format.

Six Important Aspects of High School Diving
High school diving can be a challenge, especially with less experienced divers and a short season. Here are six important points that will help divers prepare.

Diving Competitions
Divers at all levels and abilities have the opportunity to compete, and demonstrate the skills that they have worked long and hard to perfect.

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