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The History and Background of Competitive Diving

Coaches, facilities, meets and competitions, and of course the divers themselves, all make up the sport of springboard and platform diving. Learn about the history of diving and the people who have, and continue to make it the sport it is today.
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Diving Through the Ages
An illustrated history of diving - from fancy diving at the turn of the century to today's dynamic and challenging diving competitions.

The History of Diving
A history of the competitive sport of springboard and platform diving by Dr. Ron O'Brien, the National Technical Director for USA Diving.

International Swimming Hall of Fame
The history and recognition of the famous swimmers, divers, water polo players, synchronized swimmers, and persons involved in life saving activities and education, throughout the world.

Profile - Ron O'Brien, Ph.D.
Dr. Ron O’Brien has been an instrumental force in the sport of diving for over 40 years as both a coach and diver, helping to shape the direction of diving in the United States over that period.

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