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Learning to Dive – from Beginner to Advanced


How do you go from beginner diver to junior national champion? We have information for every level of diver from novice to advanced.
  1. The Beginning Diver
  2. Parents and the Diver
  3. Exercises, Skills, Techniques & Tutorials

The Beginning Diver

Young divers practicing line-up skills.

Just started diving? Here are tips, tricks and information that every beginner should know.

Parents and the Diver

Cassandra Cardinell and Sara Hildebrand at the 2004 Olympic Trials

Parents have a great influence upon an athlete's career, and if you think your child has the right stuff to become a diver, learn how to get them started and enhance their experience.

Exercises, Skills, Techniques & Tutorials

Forward Line Up

How do great divers get that way, they practice, practice, practice. Use these tips, exercises, and tutorials on your path to success.

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