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Springboard and Platform Diving Camps

The Positives and Negatives


Young Divers Practicing Line-ups During Practice

Young Divers Practicing Line-ups During Practice

Photo: China Photos/Getty Images

Diving camps can be a positive way for a child to learn and advance in the sport of diving. But beware, not all camps are equal and not all campers benefit by attending. Depending on the diver, their situation and their goals, some camps can be a positive experience, while others can be a disaster.

A Double Edged Sword

A bit of a double edged sword, diving camps have their benefits and drawbacks. In certain circumstances these camps can be the trigger that propels a diver to long term success, while others may be a waste of time. But the determining factor usually rests with the diver and just like any educational environment; you usually get what you put into it.

Most diving camps occur in the summer months and are generally open to all ages and skill levels. But many programs prohibit their divers from attending a camp. This may a financial concern, but more often this week or two weeks in the summer months interrupts an important training regime that is focused on the success of that particular diver.

Leaving a well organized and successful diving program the week before a big meet is probably not the most productive move, while for other divers who practice sporadically at a run down facility it can be a huge benefit.

The Decision

Sending a child to a diving camp is a decision best made by a diver and his or her parents, with input from a coach. Whether to attend or not should depend on what a diver expects to gain from the experience.

Before attending a camp a diver should develop a few goals – what they expect to achieve. With these goals the diver can make a prudent choice as to which camp will be the most beneficial.

Love And Hate

Coaches who run camps love them. They get to share their coaching knowledge, meet new divers, and make money. Coaches who are not so fond of camps are those who loose divers and valuable income to camps, and many times have their hard work thrown out the window when a diver diverts from a strong training schedule with set goals.

There are many divers who have had positive experiences at camps, growing personally and learning skills that have allowed them to become successful divers, and have returned to those camps summer after summer. On the other hand, there are also divers that have returned home feeling as though they have wasted their money.

Make It A Positive Experience

Attending a diving camp can be a rewarding experience, but just with any choice it does have its pitfalls. Set your goals, talk to your coach, and make the choice that will leave you with a positive experience. And don’t forget, regardless of the camp you may attend, success always depends on the effort that the diver puts forth.

Here are some of the good, and not so good aspects of camps that every diver and parent should consider before deciding if, when and where they would like to attend a diving camp.

Diving Camps - Positive Points

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