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What is a “Cheeseboard” Diving Board?

The Maxiflex Model-B Springboard Diving Board


Maxiflex Model-B Springboard

Maxiflex Model-B Cheeseboard

Photo © Steve Voellmecke

The “Cheeseboard” is a common reference for the Modified Maxiflex Model-B aluminum springboard diving board manufactured by the Duraflex International Corporation. Without question Duraflex competitive diving boards, whether it be the various Maxiflex or Duraflex models, are the de facto standard for competitive aquatic diving facilities, as well as many recreational facilities. All national and international springboard diving competitions currently use the Maxiflex Model-B.

But back to the important question. Why is the “Cheeseboard” different and what makes it the crème-de-la-crème of diving boards? The answer lies in two important aspects – the taper and the cheese holes.

The Taper

The 16-foot Model-B has a double-taper that allows the entire diving board to arc while flexing. This taper, which runs from the fulcrum area to the tip of the board and from the fulcrum area to the anchor end, gives the Model-B more lift and therefore more spring than the 16-foot Maxiflex and 16-foot Duraflex diving boards.

The Cheese Holes

The Model-B has a distinctive attribute known as cheese holes, so named because at first glance the tip of the diving board looks like a slice of Swiss cheese. These holes are actually 189 slots in the metal at the tip-end of the diving board that decrease the weight at the tip of the diving board and reduce air resistance, allowing for more spring. These cheese holes also eliminate standing water reducing the chance of a diver slipping.

If you are considering installing a Model-B or any other Duraflex diving board, consult with your local government concerning installation of diving boards. While local standards may vary, this diving board must be installed in a diving well with dimensions that conform to USA Diving/FINA minimums regarding water depth and board distances.

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