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Diving Facility Information and Management

If you’re a current diver or coach, you know how hard it is to dive on a worn out diving board or a diving stand that sounds like it’s going break at the hinges. And not everyone has the luxury of diving in a new state of the art natatorium. So we’ve included information to make your pool and diving facility better than you thought possible!
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  2. Dryland Diving Facilities (6)

Grease the Fulcrum
By applying grease to a fulcrum, a coach can prolong the life of their equipment, make their divers move faster, and make practice less more efficient.

What is a Bubbler?
What is a bubbler and how is a sparging system is used in diving?

Worst Pools To Dive In
Not all pools are equal and some are a downright disaster to compete in. Remember your most hated pool? Share your memories.

Spotting Rope Length
Spotting ropes are the link between the spotter and the diver. Do you know how many and how long they should be?

FINA Dimensions for Diving Facilities
When considering installation of a diving board and stand, follow the FINA dimensions for depth and distance.

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