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Forward Line-Up From a 1-meter Springboard


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If You Can't Line Up, You Can't Score
Forward Line Up

Preparing for the Line Up

Photo: Woody Franklin

When a forward line-up is mentioned, the usual picture that comes to mind is the drill being practiced from the 3-meter springboard. But don't forget about 1-meter.

This drill can be an incredibly effective tool to teach younger divers how to enter the water. It is also perfect for those divers who either have not been exposed to diving from heights, or are apprehensive about 3-meter springboard.

For more advanced divers, this line-up also has its place in the training regimen. Many dives, especially those on 1-meter, finish with little time to stretch for the entry. The 1-meter line-up can help a diver learn how to finish the dive quickly and efficiently in order to obtain a rip entry.

Remember, the forward line-up is one of the most important drills a diver can practice on an every-day basis. The last image a judge has of a diver is their entry into the water, and it can be an enormous influence on the score the diver receives. Practice your line-up's every day, and your entries will improve!

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