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Springboard and Platform Diving Instructions, Tips and Technique

Diving can be a confusing sport. How do you properly execute a forward dive pike, what exactly is a “rip entry,” or which platform level am I supposed to dive from? The questions are endless! Look for your answer here or ask us a question.
  1. Diving Glossary and Definitions (40)
  2. Diving Tips and Technique (18)
  3. Diving Tutorials (10)

Concussions in Diving
While concussions do not occur that often in diving, it is important to understand the signs and symptoms of a concussion, and what to do if you suspect that a diver has sustained one.

Angular Momentum in Diving
Angular momentum, and the conservation of angular momentum, can be used to describe why a diver can speed up or slow down their somersault without help from an outside source.

What Is A Split Tuck?
A split tuck is not necessarily a bad thing in diving, it's just how it is used that can make it detract from the overall impression of the dive.

What Do You Think of Split Tucks?
What do you think of a split tuck? Is it a good thing or a bad thing, especially with dives getting harder and harder?

Leaving the Springboard or Platform
We are talking about the forward approach and hurdle, and the back press. Learn about proper technique and important rules to understand before spinning out of control and splashing the judges.

The Four Parts of a Kickout
Kicking out of a back or reverse dive or somersault involves four distinct parts that must occur in a particular order.

Smacks – They Really Aren’t That Bad!
Smacking in diving - it's not a matter of if it will happen, but a matter of when!

Smacks in Diving - Share Your Experiences!
Remember your first smack? Or your last? After the pain has subsided you will probably look back on it with fond memories. Share your experiences.

Why Open or Closed Pike?
What is your choice - open or closed pike? Gives us your reasons.

Share Your Tips on How to Rip
Everybody wants a rip entry, and everybody has a different technique. Share your thoughts on how you learned how to get a clean entry or learn from masters.

Platform Diving Animated Views
We have developed a simulation of a human diver with 38 controlled degrees of freedom (MPEG or Quicktime).

Learning Proper Body Position in Beginner Diving
Body posture in springboard and platform diving is an important technique to be learned by any beginner diver. This fundamental building block leads to correct body position in dives that allow a diver to advance to harder dives used in diving competition.

Four Positions for Beginner Divers
Beginner divers need to learn four basic positions - straight, tuck, open pike and closed pike, out of the water prior to learning dives.

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