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Coaching Competitve Diving


News, tips and information for competitive springboard and platform diving coaches.
  1. Training a Diver
  2. Running a Diving Program
  3. The Mind Game
  4. Outside of the Pool - Dryland Facilities and Training

Training a Diver

Diving Hurdle

Training a diver is the backbone of coaching. Use these tip and insights to help your divers reach their potential.

Running a Diving Program

Young divers practicing line-up skills.

Running a successful business is an important to coaching diving as teaching a rip entry. Learn how to make turn your coaching expertise into a successful occupation.

The Mind Game

Christina Loukas and Jeff Huber - Day 4 U.S. Olympic Diving Trials

Sports psychology is an important, but often overlooked piece of the coaching puzzle. If your divers are not in the right frame of mind, no amount of training can help them improve.

Outside of the Pool - Dryland Facilities and Training

Tuck Kick Out Drill

Aquatic facilities are usually in high demand, and if you have trouble getting practice time, make good use of a dryland training facility.

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