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2012 Olympic Diving Central

Get Ready for London!


Every four years the world focuses its attention on the largest and most prestigious athletic event in the world - The Olympic Games. One of the marquee events of this athletic spectacle is springboard and platform diving.

Many questions hang in the balance for 2012. Will the U.S. win a medal and will the Chinese sweep the gold medals? How will London fair as a host and will they try to top the spectacle of Beijing? Can Canada and Australia continue their success in 2012?

All these and more will be answered in a fortnight!

About Olympic Diving

Alejandra Orozco and Paola Espinosa of Mexico
Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

No easy voluntaries here, this is the big leagues. Explore the rules for Olympic diving and how you can get a start toward your Olympic dream.

Olympic Diving History

Diving Competition at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics
Photo: Getty Images

What is a double-double? Which country has the longest string of gold medal winners? Who provided the biggest upset in Olympic diving history? It's all here at your fingertips.

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