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Duraflex Springboards and Duraflex Diving Stands

Proper installation and care for springboards and diving stands can have a dramatic effect upon the success of any diving team. Here are hints, tips and information about how to keep your equipment in top shape.

Winterize Your Diving Equipment
Don't make the mistake of leaving your diving equipment to the harsh winter elements.

Duraflex and Durafirm Equipment Broken Down
A Duraflex diving board and Durafirm diving stand are far and away the choice for competitive diving equipment.

A New Springboard and FINA Standards
Would you like to buy a new Duraflex springboard? Better make sure your pool meets FINA standards!

Diving Board Problems
Can you recognize and fix problems that might occur with your Duraflex springboard? Here are five that you can check for on a regular basis.

Six Uses for an Old Diving Board
Do you have an old diving board that is just laying around? Here are six uses for that old springboard.

Anatomy of a Duraflex Diving Board
Duraflex diving boards, with special emphasis on the Maxiflex “Model B”, and Durafirm Diving Stands are the standard for use in the world of competitive diving. What makes them so good?

Grease the Fulcrum
By applying grease to a fulcrum, a coach can prolong the life of their equipment, make their divers move faster, and make practice more efficient.

What is a “Cheeseboard” and Why Is It Different?
The “Cheeseboard” is a common reference for the Modified Maxiflex Model-B aluminum springboard diving board manufactured by Duraflex International. The Model-B is the de facto standard for competitive aquatic diving facilities.

How Long Will My Diving Board Last?
What are the factors that cause a Duraflex Springboard to loose its "springiness?"

Care and Storage of an Outdoor Springboard
A springboard is a valuable piece of athletic equipment, here are some tips to help you treat it that way and prolong the life of your diving board.

Replace Durafirm Hinge Pins, Nyliners and O Rings
The loud noise a diver or coach hears when a springboard diving board is used is many times the result of missing or broken nyliners in the hinge that attaches the diving board to the diving stand. Replacing these pieces will make the diving board quieter and function better.

Duraflex International
Duraflex International is the maker of the finest springboard diving equipment in the world, used in every Olympic Games since 1960. The Duraflex site includes information about their products, advice and dealers locations.

Noisy Diving Boards - How to Find and Fix the Problem
A noisy diving board can be a big distraction during practice. But a check of three common problems areas can help pinpoint and fix the problem.

Maxiflex Cheeseboard and 16-foot Duraflex Springboard
Before you go out and order a diving board, make sure you know the differences in the two types of boards used most often in competition - the Maxiflex Model "B" and the 16-foot Duraflex.

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