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Open Pike Position - Beginner Diving Positions - Learning To Dive
Beginner divers need to learn proper open pike position out of the water prior to learning dives.
Tips for Beginner Divers - Diving - About.com
Here are five of what I consider, important concepts that a beginner or inexperienced diver should understand when learning to dive. These are by no means the ...
Tips for Beginner Divers - Learning to Dive - Junior Diving - About.com
Beginner divers always seem to have a problem finding the right place to stand. What I mean is, each forward approach, hurdle and dive, should start from the ...
Learn How to Dive Competitively – Competitive Diving Techniques ...
Learning to Dive – from Beginner to Advanced. How do you go from beginner diver to junior national champion? We have information for every level of diver ...
Getting Started in Competitive Diving - Springboard and Platform ...
29 Articles in: Getting Started in Competitive Diving - Springboard and Platform Diving - Learning to Dive. A young diver learns a back dive. - Photo: China ...
Springboard and Platform Diving Tutorials - Learning to Dive – Step ...
10 Articles in: Springboard and Platform Diving Tutorials - Learning to Dive – Step by Step Diving Instructions. Troy Dumais - Photo: Al Bello/Getty Images ...
Ten Reasons for Dryland Training - Diving - About.com
... How To Compete, When To Compete · Coaching Competitve Diving · Learning to Dive – from Beginner to Advanced · Updated Articles and Resources.
Springboard and Platform Diving Technique - Learning to Dive ...
Learn diving tips and techniques to improve your ability to dive on both springboard and platform.
What to Expect on Your First Scuba Dive - Scuba Diving - About.com
Chest-deep in Florida's calm, turquoise waters, buoyancy compensator inflated, regulator in hand, I began to wonder if learning to dive was such a great idea.
Start Scuba Diving - Step by Step Guide - About.com
Are you ready to start scuba diving? Here is a step by step guide to learning to dive, including medical requirements, courses, certification agencies, basic dive ...
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