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Judging Competitive Diving - Springboard Diving Rules - About.com
Judging a springboard or platform diving contest begins with an understanding of the scoring system and the five basic elements of a dive: The Starting Position, ...
Judging and Scoring Competitive Diving - About.com
Judging and Scoring Competitive Diving. Would you like to learn more about how to judge competitive diving, or how a diving meet is scored? Or maybe you just ...
Judging Diving - Terms and Techniques for Judging Diving - What is ...
What is important when judging diving and how help for the spectator who wants to understand why a dive gets a instead of an 8.
Olympic Diving Rules, Requirements and Judging - About.com
The rules used for judging and scoring an Olympic diving contest are dictated by FINA, the international governing body for the aquatics and the body that ...
Diving Judging Scales - High School, College and FINA ... - About.com
Judging diving requires the use of a scoring scales that vary depending on the type of competition: high school, college or FINA (USA Diving/AAU).
Understanding the Sport of Diving - Judging and Scoring Diving ...
Judging and scoring a diving contest can be a bit confusing. The easiest way to get a handle on the process is to separate the judging (the act of giving a diver a  ...
Judging Scales - Diving - About.com
Why are the judging scales for diving so different for high school, college and FINA (that used in USA Diving/AAU)? The diving boards are the same. The water is ...
Judge What You See - Being a Consistent Diving Judge - Judging ...
Judging competitive diving involves determining a score for the dive the judges see, not what they think they saw.
How Synchronized Diving is Scored - About.com
Follow the guidelines below to help you understand how synchronized diving is scored. Judging panels for synchronized diving may consist of seven, nine or ...
Starting Position in Diving – When Does a Judge Begin Judging ...
Definition of the starting position of a dive in competitive springboard and platform diving.
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