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High School Diving Competition - About.com
High school diving can be a challenge, especially with less experienced divers and a short season. Here are six important points that will help divers prepare.
Round One in High School Diving - About.com
Success in high school diving has as much to do with knowing how a meet will be judged as much as the diving itself.
Choosing High School All-Americans in Diving - About.com
Filming and editing a high school diving performance can have a direct effect upon a diver's selection as a High School All American.
What is a Diving List - Competitive Diving Requirements ... - About.com
In all diving contests, whether it is a high school swimming and diving meet or the Olympic Games, divers are required to perform a specified number of dives ...
High School Rule Changes - Diving - About.com
The NFHS made several rules changes for high school diving that will be effective for the 2011-2012 season. A hop hurdle is officially legal in high school.
High School Diving All-American - About.com
Common errors are the biggest reason why applications for High School Diving All-American get rejected.
Diving Scoring Scale - High School, College and FINA Judging ...
High school, college and FINA diving contests employ different judging scales. Why is that?
Springboard Diving Rules - Differences Between High School and ...
Judges need to the be aware of the rule and penalties that occur when a diver hits the board, especially the difference between FINA and High School rules.
Judging Competitive Diving - Springboard Diving Rules - About.com
The rules used to judge a diving contest have changed very little since its introduction as a ... High school and NCAA competitions use a slightly different scale.
2011 High School Diving Elite Eight - Who Are The Best ... - About.com
Who are the top high school divers in the nation in the 2010-2011 high school diving season?
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