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High School Diving Competition - About.com
What may offer an even bigger challenge for athletes who decide to become involved in diving is competing on the high school level. Many high school divers  ...
Round One in High School Diving - About.com
Judging is not an exact science, and the first round - and the first round of optional dives, of a high school diving contest offers a chance for the judges to get a ...
High School Diving's Elite Eight - About.com
Last year it was the Super Five, but this year it's the Elite Eight, a list of those divers who put up the best performances in high school diving competition as ...
High School Rule Changes - Diving - About.com
The NFHS made several rules changes for high school diving that will be effective for the 2011-2012 season. A hop hurdle is officially legal in high school.
What is a Diving List - Competitive Diving Requirements ... - About.com
In all diving contests, whether it is a high school swimming and diving meet or the Olympic Games, divers are required to perform a specified number of dives ...
Diving Scoring Scale - High School, College and FINA Judging ...
Why are the judging scales for diving so different for high school, college and FINA (that used in USA Diving/AAU)? The diving boards are the same. The water is ...
Springboard Diving Rules - Differences Between High School and ...
Judges need to the be aware of the rule and penalties that occur when a diver hits the board, especially the difference between FINA and High School rules.
Choosing High School All-Americans in Diving - About.com
Filming and editing a high school diving performance can have a direct effect upon a diver's selection as a High School All American.
Judging Competitive Diving - Springboard Diving Rules - About.com
Judges at the 2007 World Diving Championships - Photo: Kristian Dowling/Getty Images ... High school and NCAA competitions use a slightly different scale.
Springboard and Platform Diving Rules and Requirements
All sports and athletic contests have rules, and diving is no exception. High school diving has different requirements than college, and the rules for junior diving ...
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