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Receiving a Fail Dive

By November 29, 2012

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Getting a fail dive in a meet is not much fun. In fact it ... well, you know what I mean. You loose a whole bunch of points and it can really have an adverse effect on a diver's confidence level. Most of the time it occurs because the dive is done improperly and the diver "fails" to complete the number of somersaults or twists. But sometimes it happens because a diver, or the coach doesn't know the rules. So it is important to know what those rules are so that it doesn't happen.

While it may seem obvious that a diver can't double bounce the board, that two balks equal a fail dive, or that you can't give a call during the meet, many times a diver doesn't know this or has come from a developmental league where these things are permissable. So look over this list of reasons for a fail dive and know it by heart for your next competition.


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